You are next. Vr Horror Game like Phasmophobia and Dead by Daylight for Vr. Deadbait is waiting
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The first Death by Daylight and SCP Foundation inspired Multiplayer VR Game on Steam lets you play as a gruesome Killer or Murderer who hunts the other 3 Survivor Player in a Multiplayer match. The MISV Agents are using lethal force against the MISV Subject played by another Player in a thrilling Multiplayer Match. Deadbait lets you experience true and full immersive Horror where every action counts.

Play as a Survivor

As a Survivor you can use your environment to hide and distract the Killer, throwing glass bottles or start a TV is one of the possible Methods. Of course, unwanted noises should be avoided. The Survivors need to fulfill different tasks and find Items like Keys and start Generators to unlock their Way out of the nightmarish environment.

Play as the Murderer

As the Murderer, you are terrifying and absolutely deadly. Your hearing is enhanced, and your tremendous force strikes any Survivors with a few blows or shots down.

Play as a MISV AGENT

The Paramilitary Group called MISV ( Military investigative subtraction venture ) is focused on capturing and locking paranormal Subjects in their Facility.
As an Agent, the Player uses Automatic Rifles, Guns, and the HALO System to track and Kill murderous Subjects played by another Player. In this Mode, the Match can be finished by killing the Subject or evacuating the Facility.


As a MISV SUBJECT, the Player jumps into the Role of a mysterious Creature with paranormal and animalistic Abilities. As a Subject also the Player is a vulnerable Target. A careful Hunt is recommended to kill all of the MISV Agents in the Match.

Immersive Experience:
Realistic graphics and sounds to feel the fear and kill urge in the closest way.

Changing enviromnent
The Task Objects and other Interactables are on every Match in a different Place. No Match will be like the other.
Multiplayer Lobby
Meet up with your friends and chat via VOIP Chat or over the Steam Chat system. But be careful, the Enemy Player can hear you...


MISV AGENTS in Deadbait VR Horror Game
Survior Vr Game Deadbait. Play VR Game like Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia as Multiplayer.
Deadbait Huntersden Level in VR
Fantastic Horror in VR Multiplayer. Deadbait is a true version of its finest Horror.
Dead by Daylight in VR, with Deadait coming this year
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