Finally a SCP GAME based on Dead by Daylight!

Rey Venom

Cant wait to slaughter those sick D Classes

SCP 049

Decent Graphics paired with solid Gameplay. Wishlisted!


SCP Variations

Be the SCP and hunt down the D Class Units, or play as a D Class and try to find your way out of the facility.

Interactive Levels

Block the way, start the coolingsystem or hide and blovk the way of the SCP. Creativity leads to a succesfully escape.

Team up!

Teamplay with your friends against the SCP, is crucial to survive. 
scp keter


Press and Content Creators
Media and Informations about SCP:Keter. Please write to  for Testbuilds and Betakeys.


SCP: KETER starts its Beta in 2022. Be a part of it! Join the Discord and show your interest in the Game and become a Patreon to get early access to the Beta and optional alos Testbuilds.


Based on the SCP Foundation "Keter" is a combination of Tactical Multiplayer paired with Dead by Daylight-inspired Game mechanics.

3 D CLASS Playerstry to escape the SCP played by another Player.

A multiplayer (3vs1) horror game where one player takes on the role of a SCP, and the other four players play as D Classes , trying to escape with Stealth by reactivating the Escapesystem. No Round will be identical to the other, due to randomly placed Objectives and environmental opportunities.

Upcoming: Mobile Task Force Players vs Chaos Insurgency Players

Hunt the SCP down and capture it to fulfill the mission. Both sides fight against each other to contain the SCP in an open Map where tactical behavior is key to success. Once the SCP is found the Team needs to weaken it and contain to evacuate it via the Air-Extraction system. Which will be interrupted by the enemy Team at any cost. 


1 to 4 MTS Player VS SCP AI
Play alone or with your friends against the SCP, escape the thread by slowing it down, and fulfilling Tasks together.

Hard to kill Reptile (VIDEO) The also playable SCP-682 aka Hard to Kill Reptile just got his Face. Realistic Fur which moves on every Gameplay animation adapts with the Player or Ai Controls. PBR Textured Reptilescales combined with its tortured flesh.

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